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Nov 10

My first site created with Xsitepro

By Jeffery Seah | Internet Marketing

Here is my first site created with Xsitepro and photoshop. It took me about over a month to have the initial 25 over pages up and running. It is a topic I’m not too familiar to at all but see some potential in exploring. The site talks about Natural breast enhancement, and any related topics that are breast related.

I did about a week of research during my free time and prepared my articles, then started working on it with Xsitepro. Compared to using frontpage as well as Dreamweaver before this, I figure Xsitepro is the easiest and fastest to work on for anyone who wants a site to be set up professionally but is not prepared to spend too much time learning how to use web design softwares like Dreamweaver.

So if you like what you see in the site I did, 100% on my own as an amatuer, you may like to giveĀ  XSITEPRO a try. Its probably the best internet marketing web design software out in the market now.

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