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Jan 05

My 2nd site with Xsitepro – tasting success

By Jeffery Seah | Internet Marketing

After having lots of fun and amusing discovery building a natural breast enhancement site up from the ground, an acquaintance of mind who was running a renovation business confided in me about his interest to set up web presence on the internet. He asked if I’d be interested to help? I jump at the opportunity to put my knowledge in SEO to use.

I suppose renovation had to be an easier topic than breast enlargement. Did my research for keywords, what are the sites that rank well, terms they use etc and then put my knowledge to use. It took me about over 1 month or so doing it during my free time, and the site is up and running and tasting very promising results. Basically, the site deals in Home Renovation stuffs and encourage potential clients to ask ask for quotations or be in touch with us.

With Xsitepro and SEO, I was able to get index in 3 days and it didn’t take long for me to be ranking for the words I’m interested in. Search terms such as ” renovation package” , “basic renovation package” , ” renovation package for new flats” were ranking really well, at the time of this writing, its in page one of google and yahoo. The term “ Home renovation ” was rank No. 5 out of 1.5 million results in Yahoo, and “home renovation package” is ranked no 3 out of 456000 sites.

And the same term ” home renovation ” is ranking in page 4 for google.¬† Though it will be interesting to know that sites in the top 3 pages of google are generally directories, forums, government sites, such as,, renovation directories, banks home loan pages etc. Only 2 other sites directly pertaining to a renovation company is rank ahead of me…. not bad a result for a site younger than a year huh.

Most importantly, its not how the sites rank but rather, the search terms I’ve targeted seem to be what customers are keying into their pc in search of more info about renovation. I’m getting very favourable outcome from my renovation site. All thanks to the ease of using XsitePro, I can concentrate on the contents and leave the site structure and stuffs like that to XsitePro.

If you’re contemplating on a website designing software, look no further. once you use it, you wouldn’t want to built any more sites without it.

Nov 10

My first site created with Xsitepro

By Jeffery Seah | Internet Marketing

Here is my first site created with Xsitepro and photoshop. It took me about over a month to have the initial 25 over pages up and running. It is a topic I’m not too familiar to at all but see some potential in exploring. The site talks about Natural breast enhancement, and any related topics that are breast related.

I did about a week of research during my free time and prepared my articles, then started working on it with Xsitepro. Compared to using frontpage as well as Dreamweaver before this, I figure Xsitepro is the easiest and fastest to work on for anyone who wants a site to be set up professionally but is not prepared to spend too much time learning how to use web design softwares like Dreamweaver.

So if you like what you see in the site I did, 100% on my own as an amatuer, you may like to give  XSITEPRO a try. Its probably the best internet marketing web design software out in the market now.

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