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Sep 05

SIA steward accused of rape in Abu Dhabi

By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Tobishoku

A SINGAPORE Airlines flight attendant had been accused of raping a fellow colleague in a hotel during their layover in  Abu Dhabi.

SIA said one of its cabin crew was detained by the authorities in the United Arab Emirates, following allegations made against him by another female crew.

The victim, a relatively new crew who joined the airline recently, made a report to the police after the incident occured last Saturday.  Sources said a hotel staff  had let the alleged accused, a senior crew in SIA into the victim’s room.

It is believed that both victim and accused arrived into Abu Dhabi one day apart from each other, so they may have known each other prior to the heinous act. According  to Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, the man is married with a young child and his wife is currently pregnant with his second child.

The victim arrived back in Singapore soon after the alleged rape was reported whereas the accused is still in remand in Abu Dhabi.

I cannot comprehend the pig headedness of such an act….. especially right in the middle east in UAE. If I’m not wrong, the laws there says a rapist receive the death sentence or at least the life sentence. He’s lucky he won’t get to be stone to death, but we should never eliminate the possibility that he may be sodomised while awaiting trial in Abu Dhabi.

Well, we never know for sure until the verdict is out though, sometimes, a man whose brains descend southward may be the innocent one and framed for a crime he never commit, or it could be an consenting act that turn sour….. I’m just spouting nonsense