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Oct 27

Enlightened warrior camp – Here I come!

By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Road to becoming ME

One more night and tomorrow morning, I’ll be setting off to Rompin, Kuantan¬† ( 28 oct 2008 )for the 6 days enlightened warrior camp.

I am so damn looking forward to it after all this time. I’m sure its gonna be one of the highlights of this year for me…. who knows, maybe one of the highlights of my entire life.

I think I’m mentally and physically prepared for the event, but maybe not logistically. But like all warriors do, we make do with what we have under the given situation.

I’ve seen ” The peaceful warrior ”¬† by Dan Millman, heard his ” Everyday enlightenment ” and what can I say, the way of the warrior is the way to go. I’m sure I will learn a lot from this warrior camp, another fine programme from T Harv Eker’s Quantum Leap Programme. Probably the best investment I’ve made for myself.

To warrior-hood, here I come.