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Jan 18

Shocking proof about Fat loss

By Jeffery Seah | Fitness

I may have finally found the shocking truth about fat loss. One of my 2009 resolutions is to reduce my body fat percentages down to 12% or below this year.

And when you have a reasonably sound routine, it gets more and more challenging and see no significant results. I ate right most of the times and drink lots and lots of water each day.

In fact, I would suppose I exercise more regularly than most people my age …. but somehow, the last few percentage points is just so stubborn.

And so this year, I’m not leaving it to chance.

As I was searching for answers and what else I need to do to ensure I get rid of those stubborn mid section fats clinging on to me for my lifetime, I chance upon this fat loss site.

According to this lady doctor, the shocking truth and real reason why most people can’t get rid of those stubborn fats has got nothing to do with their will power, over eating or right diet.

It’s something else, and mind you, this can get quite graphic. If you have a weak stomach, do not click on the link.

I think I’ll stand a much better chance this year to lose those remaining stubborn fats. On to my quest for a firmer toner midsection, and getting rid of those disgusting parasites.

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