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Oct 09

Hiatus over?

By Jeffery Seah | Blog

It’s exactly 1 year since I last did a post.

The hiatus is over…. I’m back.

When we experience our own desires for transformation,
I believe that we are actually feeling the Universe evolving through us.

I can feeeel it….. yes…. it is evolving

Oct 08

Running away on my own….

By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Fitness

How often do you run away, on your own? I guess that question does not apply to you if you were never one who runs.

For the most part of 2010, I’ve been running away every tuesday and thursday, first thing in the morning. It began as a personal manifesto and resolution at the beginning of the year, to stay committed and accountable to myself, that ” whatever it takes ” attitude, to do my run.

The year begun with a big bang, I was able to convince 3 other friends to join me, as we….. run away to better health. Along the way, my friends drop out even as I persisted. Towards the second half of the year, new friends joined me in the ritual.

This past week finds me running away…. on my own once again. The conclusion was made after two runs on my own, that it was much more fulfilling, satisfying and enriching…. running away on my own.

Running away on your own is therapeutic if you see it the way I do.

Often times, we raced thru our days responding to our work, demands from our bosses, requests from our friends, things we must get done, commitment we ought to fulfill, deadlines we should meet, etc. We were, in actual fact, reacting to the circumstances and events in our life.

And hardly did we spend any time…. enriching our soul. Hardly do we invest anytime…. reflecting on our days, planning ahead and letting our creative juice flows, unhindered and undistracted.

For me, running enables me to stay in my power. It is something I do, for myself. It is personal time well spend and invested on my body, my mind and my soul.

As i glide along the expansive route on the east coast park, my lungs they were inundated with the unpolluted crisp clear air with a hint of the morning dew. The massive sea extending to the horizon, with its calming waves colliding ashore offers a soothing symphony to my ears. Together with the morning rays of the glorious sun and my self affirmation audios plug in….. I was teleported into my ideal world of body, mind and soul harmony.

If you’ve never tried running away or walking away…. on your own, try it. First thing in your waking hours. Infused your mind with all things positive and beautiful as you begin your day. Not only does it exercise your body, it can and will exercise the muscles of your creativity. I can’t tell you how many bright ideas, aha moments, epiphanies have i had as I ran away on my own. Suffice it to say that there were an overflowing abundance, as I began my day uncluttered with the intricacies of life, in close proximity with mother nature.

With the presence of mind body and soul, the universe has never failed to infiltrate my mind with moments of brilliance with their divine interventions.

I thank all my friends, for letting me experience the contrast, the distinction, of running on my own, as compared to running with a buddy.

One is purely fitness, bonding and fun. The other…. fitness, a sacred dumping ground for my days of insignificant irritations, invigorating, spiritual and more.

Sep 11


By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Its never easy

Last night I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend of 18 years. And I think I might have shifted her perceptual wiring of who I am with some of the things I have said.

She brought along a friend of hers and somehow, the conversation dance and flirted around the vicinity of the law of attraction, the metaphysical and the magnificient magical word ….. F – E – E – L…….

What is ” feel “? Is it an intuition? A gut feeling? An internal dialogue from our higher self? Hmmm…. no one really can mark a vividly clear distinction to it, can we?

Feel is to me like an elusive and ephemeral experience, that happens for a split second, unfiltered by our map of the world, our conditioned upbringing and what society expects us to logically believe in.  The moment our conscious mind interject us, pollute us with our internal map, it is no longer a FEEL, but a perception based on experiences we have gathered.

Helen Keller:
” The best things in life cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt. “

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