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Monthly Archives: May 2010

May 26

A moment of Joy

By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Inspirational

How many times have you felt immense joy, untainted and unadulterated  in its purest form, and were conscious of it? That you were aware you were feeling true pure and radiant joy?

Joy must not be confused with elated happiness, celebration or jubilation. Joy emagnates from within. It is unspeakable, undescribable and unfathomable. It occurs when your heart is touched in such a manner that you cannot withhold  your tear ducts from a surge of emotions.

Last wednesday marks the last day of school for the june holidays. And as reluctant as I was to see my class of cerebral palsy affected teens for the last time before a 1 month break, I was happy to see them excited about the holidays to come. No school ….. Yay! No pretense from them.

And we had 22 of this children age between 9 to 16, a third of them wheelchair bound, others some form of disability lay on a huge floor mat. A wheelchair bound kid feels vulnerable and uncomfortable when they are moved from their wheelchair. You can witness their body trembles uncontrollably when they are being moved away from their wheelchair.

Anyway, having them lie on the mat, vulnerable and expose was something they didn’t felt comfortable about. What happen next was we had this huge giant ball thrown into their midst, and they were suppose to pass the ball around to their friends, lying down. There was much fun as each physically challenged child had the ball rolling and tumbling over their body and putting massive efforts to have it pass along to their friends.

But what I didn’t expect coming was the amount of innocent laughters, joy and fun coming our of the circle. Take 22 innocent child, put them thru lots of fun and laughter, and you see the sparkle in their eyes, the laughter on their face, and the joy in their hearts. No one was thinking of anything else other than not to have the giant ball roll on their face and how to pass it to their friends.

The vibrational energy I felt standing on the outside of the circle was exceptionally facinating. It struck me like the satori of a moment what JOY really means. And there I stood, transfixed as time and space lose its meaning and appeal. Nothing else in the world really matters. I was in a zone…. In a moment of pure unpolluted JOY as the divine would have describe it.

A moment of Joy I was blessed to witness, to feel and experienced this day. It shall be kept forever etched in memory what is the meaning of JOY. For feeling joy is as simple as that, no need for material gains, no need for great achievements, no need for recognition, no need for success, no need for wealth and power.

Just being vulnerable and open to possibilities and challenges, being able to embrace what is to come and have lots of fun doing it. We humans just made it much more complicated than dogs do.

What I learned? We don’t have to always be the receiver of Joy. As the giver of Joy, we will be pursued with an abundant rockets of Joy. For what we give, we always receive in ten folds.