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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Nov 24

My best date for 2009

By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Its never easy

Sunrise……. are you a morning or night person?  Do you delights in the beauty of sunrise or the wonders of sunset?

Morning is a promise…. That much I believe. That everything I desire, my entire future, is contained in this day, at sunrise.

Some people jump from their bed in the morning and say “Good morning, God,” and some people say “Good God, it’s morning.” We always have a choice, don’t we?

Lately, I have been brewing plans for 2010. Having let it simmer in my head for the past weeks….the things I expect myself to achieve, the higher state of consciousness I expect to reach and how else to de-clutter my life.

And as simple as it sounds…. Where we look is often where we go. What we focus on is what we expand on.  That’s how it is, isn’t it?  Indisputable laws of the Universe.

I recalled one of the most powerful lessons I learned at a seminar some time back.  Where a successful multi-millionaire speaks of his time in Wall Street with a top notch billionaire and the lesson he learns.

To cut a long story short, he learned that as busy as the billionaire is, he ( the billionaire ) always make sure he schedules “ thinking time “ for himself.  And I thought…. Wow…. How profound is that.

I understand perfectly that …..
when we talk about it, we have a dream.
When we envision it, it is a possibility.
And only when we S-C-H-E-D-U-L-E it, does it becomes a reality.

I’m so looking forward to my transcendental date. No need for flowers, fine wine or gourmet delicacies.

Not even cell phones, Ipods, or money.  All I need is just pen and paper. Identify an isolated spot at the beach. It will be just me, my ethereal consciousness and bubbling thoughts.

The glorious and rising sun, the boundless sea and it’s crashing waves, the miracles of nature evident from mother earth and the celestial Universe shall be my host.

With the invocation of divine assistance, I intend to

  • sieve thru my buffet of options,

  • ponder over the whole spectrum of possibilities,

  • reflect on whether the directions I’m heading are cosmicly given or ego wise taken.

I know that the magical 4 hours will be magnificent. It will be the most productive time I have spent in 2009……… for 2010. Everything is going to be manifested from my own volition.

Destiny is but clay in my hands.

Sunrise…. Everything I ever need and desire is contain in this day.

What are your thoughts on scheduling “thinking time”?
And a date with yourself, your true self, your higher self?