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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Sep 20

What does 2009pm 20th Sep 2009 means to you

By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Its never easy

Numerology and you

It was pitched dark, except for the essence of a lit candle placed in front of me. The night was still, with total silence, not even a wift of breeze was in the air. I could hear my heartbeat, it seems to amplify like a drumbeat, every single one of them. My mind was clear, my body relaxed. I was in the moment. I was in the zone.

The time was 20:09pm, the day 20th of the month 09 in the year 2009. It is one special moment in time we will never get to bring back again. Not in our lifetime.

Do you believe in Numerology? That numbers have a great significance in our life? Well, before your mind hastily objects and say NO WAY…. I don’t believe in that. Think again.

Were you particular about the number of your car? Of the house you were buying? Do you tend to pick the best number for your mobile phone? Do you pick an auspicious day to get married?

Well, not all of us refer to the almanac for such stuffs, but don’t you agree we do make a little effort to pick what we feel is a good number all the time? Don’t we all want to be 1st or 2nd or 3rd instead of last or 2nd last? If numbers were not of any significance to us, what’s wrong with being last?

Whether we like it or not, numbers plays a huge part in our life.  And at exactly 20:09 on 20th Sep 2009, I knew I just have to send my intentions out to the universe and connect my soul with my source in the best way possible.

For 3 times 2009 is a moment of eternity I wish to share with the people I really love, people I care and the things I wished to accomplish in my brief existence in this world.

Numerology does not decides our fate. But wouldn’t it be good to know our strenghts and weaknesses. Our talents and abilities? Wouldn’t it be great to take advantage of every possible pure potentials that the universe has bestowed upon us?

Strange as it sounds, the oldest piece of writing in existence known to mankind, some 4000 years old, were studied and researched by some of the most brillant historians, professors and scientist. It was discovered to be writings on Numerology on an ancient tortoise shell.

It’s more strange that I went to a site about numerology 3 years ago and took a free report. And on the 9th of Sep 09, some two weeks ago, I receive a mail from the site asking me to get my copy of numerology report that contains important information I should know. After 3 years… and on the 9th of Sep 09.  You can call it coincidence, but i rather choose to perceive it as something with a deeper meaning than that.

All I can say was, I got my report and I WISHED I had taken the steps to purchase that report 3 years ago. Then again, perhaps I may not see the significance of what it was saying if I had read it 3 years ago as compared to me reading it now. But it was shockingly accurate and spot on in many areas.

You can get a free report from this link and judge for yourself.

Back to me, my quiet time, in the moment, in the zone, at a once in my lifetime “minute” … I was at peace. I send out my intentions. I meditated. And when I finally finished off, i look at the watch …. it was 20:18.……I had spent exactly 9 minutes in my prayers.

9 seems to be so interwined with my life… even my life path is a 9

My intentions are crystal clear, in words, in thoughts and in emotions. My vibrational energy is strong. Time and space shall reveal the infinite potentiality of my intentions when it is time. Come what may…

What about you? Can you recall what were you doing at exactly 20:09 20/09 2009???

Sep 05

Are you happy?

By Jeffery Seah | Blog

Tonight’s mood is Beng. Yeah, typical Singaporean AH BENG in me mood.  Just managed to get connected with some old army kakis  through Facebook.  So I feel like expressing my Bengness….

Come to think of it, we are all a little of everything aren’t we? I use to get mad when someone says I’m stupid.

These days, I tell them ” hey, you’re right, I can be sometimes “.  When girls tells me I’m mean, rude and nasty, ” yeah, I kind of agree sometimes I am ” . When someone says I’m an asshole…. ” yeah, you know what, sometimes I can be too 🙂 ” .

Because I come to realize that we human are multi faceted beings. There is an angel and a devil and everything in between in us.

Sometimes we’re really really nice when someone compliment about us, and since we like consistency, we continue to be nice to them. And there are other times when someone say we’re snob or unfriendly…. and we just had to continue to show them the darker side of us.

So, in BENGISM I ask  “ Are you happy ?

Say oso dun listen

Listen oso dun understand

Dun understand oso dun ask

Ask already oso dun do

Do oso do wrong

Wrong oso dun admit

Admit oso dun correct

Correct oso not happy

Not happy oso dun say

and so the vicious cycle begins again… how to be happy you tell me?

Sep 02

What’s all the craze about a pole dancing doll?

By Jeffery Seah | Blog

This is one of those days. I tossed and turned in bed from 3am to 5.45am and decided I’m just not about getting to sleep. Heck… is something troubling me? Why am I so awake?

Decided that the next best thing to do will be to go online. And there it is, news of a new toy in town for kids. A poll dancing doll. Interesting. Why didn’t I think of that? Kudos to the manufacturer for coming up with such a brilliant idea. They never stop at anything for the love of money.

Create a toy with a pole, blinking lights, disco ball, make it rotates and put a doll on it and sell it to the kids. Or rather, entice the kids to urge their parents to invest in it. How ingenious is that. I’m pretty sure parents will go ga ga over the possibility that their precious child will maybe someday be a pole dancer huh.