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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Aug 26

My new site – Toastmasters club

By Jeffery Seah | Blog , Internet Marketing

Some months back, after a seminar call ” train the trainer “, I decided to pursue the path of training and teaching and so I joined a toastmasters club in Apr 08.  In July 08, the toastmasters club new workyear, new committee members were appointed.

I was appointed the VP for public relations and one of my responsibilities is to maintain our website, but I realize we don’t really have a website to maintain at all.

The site I was referred to have been de-indexed by google and yahoo and no one can ever find it if they search for it online. They have to type the exact URL address, which was so lenghty and impossible to remember.   Something like…..

I literally spend all my free time working on the site, and after 2 months of hard work, the site is finally up and alive. It is basically a site about TOASTMASTERS and I’ve also created a blog for members. Money Mastery TOASTMASTERS BLOG.

You have to check it out. And when you visit… there’s a surprise gift waiting for you on our homepage.

Aug 07

Been a long time

By Jeffery Seah | Blog

Ok, I admit its been a long time since I post. I’ve been busy and spend every available free moment on my latest baby, a new site for my toastmasters club.

After about 3 weeks of hard work, its finally up and running. Tens of hours , late nights and weird hours were spend on the tiny little details such as graphics, color matching, font size, header design etc.

Now that its 80% up and running, guess I’ll have more time to spend posting again.


And in case you don’t know, like I was ignorant what a Toastmasters really do, it is like a non profit organization where like minded individuals who wish to improve their public speaking skills and self confidence go to meet and practice.

In a regular toastmasters meet, there will be prepared speech by speakers, as well as evaluators who will evaluate the speech and a table topic session.

If you’re interested to know more about toastmasters club and how it can help you to improve your public speaking skills and self confidence, do visit my Toastmasters site . And don’t forget to visit our blog, where our current activities will be updated frequently. The is a segment on speech evaluation where you can learn more about public speaking skills.

Hope you will enjoy my site as much as I enjoy creating it.