April 2008

April 29, 2008

How to add two more years to your life

Eating a salad a day may help you to live longer. In a study of more than 17000 people, scientist found that those who ate just one serving of garden salad daily consume significantly more folate and vitamins B6, C and E than those who didn’t down a bowl of mixed greens. No surprise, right?

But here’s the payoff. The amount of raw vegetables in one serving of salad, if eaten every day, is estimated to increase life span by two years. To get the most health benefits, build your salad with vegetables rich in antioxidants – dark leafy greens, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and green bell peppers.

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April 28, 2008

The definition of Success….



Success is the result of good judgement…

Good judgement is the result of experience…

And experience is the result of bad judgement.


So if you want to increase your success rate…… triple your failure rate.


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April 27, 2008

Spend like a millionaire….

Its interesting to know that most of us spend our money very differently from how a millionaire spend theirs….

While some of us spend the money we have and have no savings,

Others spend what they have and save what is left,

And most of us spend what we have and invest what is left….


The millionaire invest their money first and spend what is left…


Whether your financials status allows you to have 

1) no savings every month

2) save what is left after spending 

3)invest what is left after spending ……..

We should try to spend like a millionaire….. by changing our mindset and spending habits….

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