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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Mar 27

Eating more variety for the best protection against disease

By Jeffery Seah | Fitness

Go for mixed vegetables. Researchers report that when it comes to vegetables and fruits, variety trump over quantity.  Scientist discovered that despite eating one less serving daily, people who consumed a wider range of fruits and vegetables experience more health benefits than those who chose from a smaller assortment.

The protective mojo of plant foods comes from phytochemicals, compounds that guard cells against damaging oxidation.

However, phytochemicals vary from one botanical family to another, so it has be discovered that there are more benefits in consuming smaller amounts of many different phytochemicals than a larger amount of a only a select few.

Mar 21

Rooibos tea – a tea with no caffeine

By Jeffery Seah | Blog

Rooibos is a vibrant red tea made from a South African legume. The tea is caffeine free and also naturally sweet and slightly nutty, so you won’t need sugar. Commonly called South African red tea or just red tea, it has been consumed in South Africa for generations and is now available in many other countries.

Rooibos is loaded with desease fighting antioxidants and has been shown to boost the immune system. In fact, a recent Japanese study on mice and rats suggests that rooibos tea may help prevent both allergies and cancer. 

The Japanese chose to give it another name based on its anti-aging properties, namely Long Life Tea. Japan has done extensive research on its healing properties, and imports, researches, and consumes over 310 tons of the tea annually. Their research alone has led to the discovery of many more benefits of Rooibos Tea, or Long Life Tea, such as relieving stress, colic and insomnia to name a few.

If you must have a tea, make it a Rooibos then.

Mar 19

144 hours and still going strong

By Jeffery Seah | Blog

144  hours has passed and I’m still nicotine free…. it feels really great. I realise I wake up without the killer breath I use to have.

I’m starting to cough pretty badly from the 2nd day without cigarettes and its not getting any better but worst. Every morning I wake with phelgm in my throat waiting to be expel. My hacking cough has gotten so bad that its painful to cough, my lungs feels like its bursting, my eyeballs and brains were in pain everytime I cough…. and I’ve successfully associated all those pain of coughing to the cause of smoking.

The phelgm looks awful, but I’m glad I’m purging them out of my system now, rather then keeping them in my body. Everytime that little voice in my head suggest going back to smoking so I could stop the pain and cough, I head straight into my toilet, where I still keep the last ashtray, with more that 20 cigarette butts in it…. and I’ll stare hard at it, put it close to my nose and inhale the stinking smell of ashes, and tell my little voice … yeah…. you want to put this in your lungs, does it smells good? It makes me wanna puke just smelling those ashes, and I’ll be so disgusted with the thought of smoking ever again. I’ve also programmed my mind that if I want to pick up smoking again, I can, but I’ll have to eat all those cigarettes butts first… I mean literally EATING them, ha ha…. 

So far so good, I’ve been associating so much pain in smoking and so much pleasure in not smoking… better breathe, saving more money, not having to look for a smoking area, feeling  healthier etc etc…. but I’m still coughing badly and have lost 3 kgs since I quit. It kind of reverse from what I had learned, that smoking slowed down body metabolism and most people who quits will gain weight.

Once this cough is over, I’ll have to start working on gaining back my 3kg. Till I write again… and for everyone out there that is trying to quit or contemplating to do so, wait no longer. Associate so much pain in your emotions with smoking, and associate so much pleasure without smoking and you’ll be off to a good start.

Where attention goes, energy flows and results shows….

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