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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Feb 28

Laughing to burn fats

By Jeffery Seah | Fitness

Have more laughters in your daily life. A report from the International Journal of Obesity discovered that laughing increases average resting energy expenditure. Volunteers were placed in a room that measures calorie expendicture, strapped them with a heart rate monitor and showed them some serious movies and some comedies…..

The results, laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day burns 10 – 40 calories more than normal. It may not be a lot of calories, but hey, that is another reason not to stay gloomy.

Feb 22

A night worth remembering…

By Jeffery Seah | Blog

We sometimes don’t realise how time has passed us by…. until a moment in time like this night ( 21st feb 08 ) …

I was out meeting a bunch of my army buddies, these are young man with raging hormones and pretty hot and young babes ( too bad 3 of them were missing tonight ) in those days…. that will be 21 years ago. …. yes, you hear me right…. 21 years ago.



And some of them I’ve not seen for a good 15 years… till last night. If you asked me, I would say not much has change in all of us….. except maybe…..poorer eye sight, the presence of a tummy, the greying of hair, and some with more signs of prosperity. Everyone of us is like what we use to be in character and personality. Nothing had changed in 21 years.

It seems weird that 21 years has gone by just like that…. looking back…. from where I used to be…. a soldier…… drawing a fix salary….. to where I am today….. I kind of regret how I’ve not made good use of the last 21 years.

Well, the past does not equal the future. Passing the age of 40 is a great feeling, it makes me realize I don’t have much time left to accomplish my dreams and goals, I am more hungry now than ever….

Feb 18

Be inspired – my vision map

By Jeffery Seah | Inspirational

An extract from the movie ” the secret “, have you seen it? Does it have any impact on your life? I know it does in mine.

I use this short clip as part of my vision ritual now and has even include it as a permanent page on my homepage. I hope you like it as much as I do.

****** video no longer displays correctly on my blog, so here’s the link ******
Cut and paste to your brower address bar for full screen enjoyment

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