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Daily Archives: January 18, 2008

Jan 18

Do you need fat burning supplements to burn fat?

By Jeffery Seah | Fitness

It is a common belief that we can’t reach our fat loss goals unless we take some kind of " fat burning" supplement. The media make us believe that we can simply pop a pill and get dramatic fat loss results like we see on TV and newpaper advertisements with celebrities like Olinda, Fann Wong and Zoe Tay endorsing them.

Do you think it is true? My conclusion, after trying various products and observing their effects on me, such as Extrim, Xando, tummytrim, leansystem 6,hydroxycut and hot rox ( Hot Rox really works, but slight discomfort and very costly ), once you stop taking it, you no longer get results.

In my quest for a more define 6 packs and the curiosity of whether such products really do what they claimed, I usually try out 1 bottle. Coupled with a moderately healthy diet and a regular exercise regime, they do have varying degree of results on me

BUT….. no fat burning pill, drink or powder have ever been proven to burn off body fat and keep it off over the long term. ( health supplements such as multi-vitamins, vitamin C, joint support-glucosamine,whey protein, etc are to me a more essential part of healthy living as compared to such products developed to capitalise on the innocent public searching for a shortcut to a desirable body )

Any transformation you may have seen in "before and after photos" in a diet pill advertisemnet was more than likely achieved from hard training, proper diet and maybe a digitally improved photoshoot. Models on such photoshoots usually stick to a very strict diet 2 – 3 weeks in preparations for the big day. ( they dont look like this all year … really )

Any pill which might have some type of benefit ( such as suppressing your appetite), is only a quick fix at best … its is only treating the symtoms, it doesn’t solve the problem.

Body fat is a symptom of POOR LIFESTYLE CHOICES, POOR NUTRITION and not burning enough calories. Any approach to fat loss that only treats a symptom and does not address all these causes, cannot work in the long run , you are wasting your time and money. Start getting the results you want today.

Nutrition, cardio, weight training and the right approach to motivation ( it has to be a lifestyle change, not a temporary desire to lose weight) , are the only things you need to get rid of fats.

If you are still eating junk food often or skipping your meals, not doing any form of exercise at all or only inconsistently, and always looking out for a shortcut in the form of a pill,cream,powder….. you should really just focus on eating better for a start, and read my post on burning fat by increasing your metabolism.

cheers to your fat burn success