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Monthly Archives: February 2007

Feb 22

SNY flights gone bad!

By Jeffery Seah | Tobishoku

Recently, 2 guys gone on a SNY flight to Auckland, Christchurch.

Everything went well till they were in their rooms in the hotel. When you are on SNY, you share room with your batch boy or girl. Its fun to be sharing room and talking about the flight you just did.

These guys did something funny, they were put in a non-smoking room but decided they need their nicotine shot. Actually, its fine if you just open a window or go out to the balcony if the room has one, but they decided to have their enjoyment in the bathroom.

Our friends did a marathon smoking session, like  a revenge for not smoking the last 9 hours or more on flight. As you all know, the bathroom is a small little room, and all hotel rooms and toilets comes with a smoke detector that will trigger an alarm if it senses too much smoke and water sprinklers will be activated.

Guess you know what happens after a while…. yes….. they trigger the alarm that screams thru the whole hotel. Water sprinklers were activated and both of them get to shower with their clothes on. They were totally drenched. And all the hotel guest had to be evacuated to the open ground outside the hotel for fear of a spreading fire. I don’t have to tell you how

it looks like when they were down in the open grounds and everyone saw them wet and dripping like a mermaid out of water.

The water had soaked the entire toilet and quickly spread to the carpetted room and nearby wardrobes. The damages cause by the freak accident …. $37,000 New Zealand dollars, for the evacuation, wasted hours the hotel could not be operational, and the damaged room.

It must have been the most expensive cigarettes these guys have smoke for a long time, or their life time. The cost of repairs was billed to their company…. I shall not mention it here. What do you think happen to them? I don’t know myself…… But I do know you won’t be flying with them anymore.